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Pokemon Go Apocalypse!!!!

May you live in interesting times


As some of you may know I'm obsessed with technology and how it will affect us in our daily lives, the way we think, the way we work, the way we do absolutely everything. 

Imagine for a moment if you could describe to somebody from the 1800's the world that we live in today, how people are going crazy over a game called Pokemon Go. How would you describe to that person our tech driven society so that they would understand? It would be next to impossible, if they could peek into our time they would think we've gone insane! It's already hard enough for some people in today's world to understand what's going on with technology.  People in different eras have different perceptions of reality, of experiencing life according to their time and place in the world. Now technology is about to push us into uncharted territory as never before, into a new era. 

The new augmented reality game Pokemon Go is a perfect example of this new paradigm, how it affects the users, how people can literally fall off cliffs and almost die in the process of playing this game as you'll see on the CNN story bellow.  Imagine for a moment a parallel universe where the whole world goes insane while playing Pokemon Go , society breaks down, people don't go to work, kids don't go to school, cats and dogs living together! (As the world renowned Dr. Egon Spengler PhD would say) The world as we know it would cease to exist! Even though a Pokemon Go apocalypse is unlikely to happen any time soon we are beginning to see early signs of the effects technology will have on our world.