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I Met a Guy Named Elliott at a Party and Had No Idea Who He Was

I was invited to a birthday party a couple of years ago. I was having a good time, talking to people, having a drink when my friend came over and said, "I want to introduce you to a friend of mine that's a photographer" I said, "Sure! Let's meet your friend". My friend introduces me to a man by the name of Elliott Erwitt, we shook hands and casually talked for a bit, I said good bye to Elliott and walked away.  I was totally oblivious as to who this man was. When I got home I googled him to see if I could find any of his work, to my surprise I found some of these images below: 

When I saw the level of this man's work I realized that I had met one photography's greatest artists! And not only that, i met someone who had been at the very center of some of the most iconic moments of the 20th century.


 Had I known who he was I would have talked to him and asked him a million questions, about Marilyn, Kennedy, Nixon and many of the other historical figures in his pictures, I'm sure he must have some incredible stories. 

Oh well, until the next party, maybe I'll run into Elliott again.